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28th May 2023, 12:00 AM in I Have Problems With Youth - Pedik Loophole
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Author Notes:

18th Apr 2021, 12:06 PM
I wrote this chapter mostly to vent about the vile phenomenon of "lover adoptions" that I saw in the 80's here in the United States within queer circles. Some of these adoptions official and most were not. I myself was victimized by one of these predatory proxy "family members", when I felt my own family had failed me as a queer kid. As a result, I decided to sort through the mixed emotions I felt about my abuser with by crafting this story. It's fantasy about the remorse I wish my abuser would've been capable of expressing and the punishment I felt she deserved, as well as an illustration of the social dynamics that led to the abuse.

I never ONCE imagined these pages would become pertinent shortly to current events in 2020 thanks to Matt Gaetz and his Cuban "son," around the time when I wrote the "Lasyeika Pidora" chapter, (otherwise known as "The Pedik Loophole.") Closeted child abusers like him routinely enabled pederasty in LGBTQ+ circles, until us younger queers curtailed these "adoptions" in the 1990's with information, beatings of predatory pederasts, forcible outings, protests, legislation, boycotts and coming out of closet in spite of the potential social consequences. The anger against pederasts invading queer circles was so strong, that here in Minnesota a prominent LGBTQ+ queer newspaper was forcibly shut down and replaced with another by angry queer folks pissed over how normative this bullshit became. Many of us vowed to kick out the pederasts so we could become respectable members of society without being saddled with the continuation of this cycle of abuse.

The fact that this "lover adoption" crap was still happening even after civil unions and gay marriage became legal, felt like a punch in the gut. 90's queer activists tried incredibly hard to remove closeted pedophile influence from queer spaces and wanted to legalize queerness so kids could safely come out to peers their age, and not be exploited by predators actively looking to groom them. I thought this nightmare was over for young people in the US. Clearly, it was not and I am still unsure of whether it is in conservative circles at this time. And as laws become more hostile to queer folk, it's very possible that there may be a resurgence of these awful social dynamics. I don't have words to fully express my rage over this.

To be absolutely clear, this chapter does not seek to glorify, advocate for or, approve of these types of "lover adoptions." I also do my best not to depict Marlen in any situations that could be construed as overtly sexualizing him, while still showing the dysfunctional dynamic between he and Tsar in a realistic manner. I do want to be respectful of my webhost's rules after all. Reader discretion is strongly advised.