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I Have Problems...

A Barxotka Story - A Velvet Rasputin Production.

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Simple drawings hide an ultra-dark graphic novella series about the problematic life of a fallen dissident priest in Soviet Russia and the social structures that screw over everyone everywhere. Created on June 28, 2011.

Written by: Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz and Loki Kaspari
Illustrated by: Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz and Narphy La Mancha
Genres: Queercore, Gay, BL, LGBT Pulp Fiction, Crime, Tragedy, Jeremiad, Kyriarchy Studies, Dystopian Historical Fiction

Author's Statement

This former webcomic began as a long-winded illustrated parable explaining the existence and mechanics of systemic rape culture (even in non-patriarchical societies) to a skeptic. It used a male victim/perpetrator as an illustrative character to make the story more personally relatable to said skeptic. For a number of years the project was commercialized and strayed far from the original intent. However, all contractual agreements relevant to the shift have expired, and the project has been restored to its true intent with artwork closer to its original appearance.

Discussion Sheet 1 Discussion Sheet 2

An experiment inspired by the Gutterotica Manifesto

I Have Problems In This Life

(A.K.A. Dissident Priest, and also Tsarkias.)

I Have Problems In This Life is the story of a pious Orthodox priest turned amoral assassin by the very prison system that was supposed to rehabilitate the bad guys. It's very raw, heartwrenching and a damn good read about systemic oppression in the Soviet Union. Printed in all black and white for a primal 'zine feel, and available for a great price.

I Have Problems With Youth

I Have Problems With Youth continues where I Have Problems with this life left off. Tsar comes face to face with his lover's mother. Karla Igoreva is a research psychologist working towards understanding the truth about homosexuality during a time and place where being gay is illegal.

Children of Death and Fine Vessels For The Antichrist

Without immediate proof of a biological heir, Camello was posthumously exiled from his village after his murder, along with his surviving bisexual lover, Tsar. Alone, and fearing for his life, Tsar hides in the countryside with the children he's raising. His only hope for survival is a reputed gangster warlock that he once wronged in Children of Death and Fine Vessels For The Antichrist.