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A Father's Duty

A Father's Duty
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Frame 1

TSAR as narrator
There's no greater heartache in a father's life than the moment when his son sees him for the utter piece of shit that he actually is.


Frame 2

TSAR as narrator
I swore to always be honest with my son, and to never betray his trust or underestimate his unique intelligence.

Is that why the lady asked me if you touch me?

Frame 3

Geni, you know I would never do that to you. I went to jail because of lies.

Frame 4

I know, but you did those bad things to Marlen. That was not nice.

Frame 5

Maybe he thought you did those bad things to me and that's why he was mean.
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Author Notes:

21st Nov 2022, 9:24 AM
And suddenly, Marlen goes from just being a malicious sociopath, to a child abuse victim who couldn't deal with his jealousy over a man whom he saw as a potential competitor for Tsar's affections. Likewise, Tsar's sympathetic victim and protective father halo fell to the ground and into a pile of shit of his own making.

And on that note... Merry Christmas?
30th Dec 2022, 1:20 AM
…wow. This just brought everything down to murky, depressing earth.
30th Dec 2022, 8:23 AM