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I fell

I fell
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Marlen and Tsar seduce one another.

“Sir, please forgive me.” Marlen never doubted my innocence. Nothing I could say or do could fool him. Ironically, his blind faith in me hastened my fall. We both believed that I could never hurt a boy like him.

I fought my urge to be a father. I didn't want to get attached to a fellow in May. I don't blame Marlen for this. I should have been more like the good man I had been for Geni. You're at 15, he no longer looked like a boy. Selfish loneliness convinced me that he wasn't one. Prison was miserable. Raped by inmates and a guard for a send that I never committed made me crave it, so I fell.
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Author Notes:

1st Jan 2023, 8:40 PM
Out of respect for the webhost, this scene has been edited.
29th Jan 2023, 12:26 AM
More and more evidence that punishment never helps anyone except giving a short-term bit of validation to the punish-ers