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Frame 1

Scene Action: Mikhail is convinced. His cigarette dangles from his mouth as he lays out the facts for Camello.

Dialog: This guy Tsar speaks English. He’s connected, organized, intelligent and he understands how to work the system. I am impressed by his devotion to family and principles. He is what we need.
To Camello

Frame 2
Scene Action: Camello winces as he confesses and counters Mikhail’s argument.

Dialog: No, what you need is for me to think with the head on my neck, and not the one in my pants. I too want to hire this guy but he has a record. People who get caught are a huge liability for us.
To Mikhail
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Author Notes:

2nd Mar 2022, 4:42 PM
In case this comic doesn't make it entirely obvious, I've never been a fan of Russia's government. To the Ukrainian and Russian folks who are fighting for basic human decency or searching for safety, you have my love.